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This is a page taken from the Sky Valley Motel web site.  They had installed one of our vinyl fences around their pool.  I think the pictures and narrative speak for themselves.

Sky Valley Gets a New Fence at the pool.  Late April 1998.   It's one of those PVC jobs, delivered in about 500 pieces.

Ramsay and I took about 4 days to get it all put together and "planted".  This photo was taken before we got the lights squared and centered.

And check this out, we used all kinds of "professional-tools", like a level, tape measure, cement and our tractor came in handy for digging holes and mixing and lugging cement. Pictured at left is a perfect example of what happens when you don't dig the hole wide enough to center the post.

A mechanical post-hole digger that mounts on the back of a tractor is an absolute necessity for "lazy-types" like us... digging the holes is the hardest part of the job.  The fence pieces slide together without any tools.   That's Mt. Attitash Ski Area in the background in case you were wondering.  This picture was taken in mid April, they still had lots of snow.  

Ramsay putting on the tops...

We purchased our fence from
in Newton Falls, Ohio.  They have a web site that can answer any question about any kind of fence you could imagine.  I think they live-up to their goal of "providing the best site on the web about fences".  You can find their site using any decent search engine.

Color Photo May 16, 1998 courtesy Roger Marcoux.