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Low Maintenance:
As an alternative to wood, vinyl fence requires no painting or staining. It will not rot, warp or splinter. Vinyl fence will keep its good look for years longer than wood fence with no maintenance required.

Most fence styles are available in White, Clay, and Almond. All styles are available in white. Not all styles available in all colors. The white is bright white. The almond and clay are very light shades. New colors have recently been added due to advances in vinyl technology. CertaGrain and Select Cedar wood patterns are also recent additions. These fence styles are available in Colonial White, Natural Clay, Sierra Blend, Arbor Blend, Arctic Blend, Brazilian Blend, Honey Blend, and Weathered Blend. Click here to see all available colors in CertaGrain. Our SimTek Stone Fence is available in granite colors black, desert, brown, gray, beige, and white. Click here to see all available colors in SimTek Stone Fence. Check out each style for available finishes.

With over 50 styles to choose from in vinyl fence alone, Hoover Fence Company offers one of the largest selections of vinyl fence available anywhere. Included are Picket styles, Privacy styles, Ornamental styles, Post and Rail styles and Stone Wall styles. Styles are available in heights from 3' up to 8'.

Most sections are shipped unassembled. Assembly is easy. Many of the styles can not be assembled ahead of time due to the fact the fence sections are held together after the rails are slid into the posts. A section assembles in minutes.

The prices generally are higher than wood fences, however, the fact that it does not need stained, painted or treated in any way will reduce the maintenance and replacement costs over the long term.

You can order an entire fence or just parts you need on our secure server or you can order by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-355-2335. Simply choose a style, color and height for your fence and make a rough drawing showing the dimensions and gates required for your project. Phone, fax, email, or mail it in and we will be more than happy to give you a quote showing all the parts and prices to complete your fencing project. Try our fence section calculator to figure the components you'll need and check the prices online under the style you like. It's as easy as that.

Installation: We provide installation instructions with each order. A lot of assembly information is available here so you can get a sneak preview of the work involved. The hardest part to install vinyl fences is digging in mother earth and mixing the concrete. The vinyl components are light-weight and easy to handle. You could save thousands of dollars installing your own vinyl fence. The skill level required would be comparable to installing a wood fence. If you can use a level and string and have some sense of what looks good, you can install a vinyl fence. Generally, you can dig a hole, assemble a section at a time, and continue to the end of a line. When you have it looking the way you like it, concrete the posts last. This allows you the freedom to raise and lower sections and level posts as you go minimizing the possibility of error. Don't concrete posts until you like what you see.

The manufacturer's provide a Lifetime Non-Prorated Limited Warranty that warrants their vinyl fence to be free from manufacturing defects - including peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding - when subject to normal and proper use (Bufftech products only, other manufacturer's warranty may differ).


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