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Easy Twist Ties
High Quality Pre-Formed
Steel Ties

Easy Twist Ties
  • High Quality Pre-Formed Steel Ties
  • Commercial, Industrial & Military Applications
  • Quick Installation
  • Shaped to fit post/rail without opening tie.
  • Twist in any Direction
  • Can be twisted in back of or side of post.
  • Power Install with Custom Drill Bit Tool
  • Tension Wire Twist Ties are stronger than hog rings.
  • Helps reduce false alarms with perimeter security devices.
  • Installation Instructions: Post | Tension Wire
  • Cutsheet | Specifications

Easy Twist Ties™ are shaped to fit around a post and one picket without opening the tie. Pinches together easily and twists with drill for quick installation. Designed for commercial and some corrections use with 2-inch mesh.

Contractors report a 3 to 1 installation advantage over hand tying nine gage steel hook ties. The secret is in the wire. Easy Twist and Twist Tight Ties are constructed with a maximum low tensile strength of 75,000 psi compared to a minimum of 110,000 psi from other companies.

Vinyl Coated (9ga) Easy Twist Ties also available here.

Steel Twist Tight Ties also available here.

Also Available by Special Order - Please Call for Quote
Sizes: 3-12", 4-1/2"
Shapes: Crash Barrier Cable, T-Post, H-Post, C-Post
Types: 1.8 oz Galv. (9ga), Stainless Steel (9ga), Aluminized Steel (9ga), 2 oz Galv. (6ga), 1.2 oz Galv. (11ga), Aluminized (11ga)
Tools: Easy Twist Tool for 6ga Ties, Easy Twist Tool for 11ga Ties

Easy Twist Pre-Formed Steel Tension Wire Ties
Tension Wire Ties
Easy Twist Tension Wire Ties
Code Type Post Size Case Quantity Case Price View Cart
ETTW-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) Tension Wire 1000 $ Add To Cart
Easy Twist Pre-Formed Steel Post Ties

Easy Twist Post Ties

Easy Twist Post Ties
Code Type Post Size Case Quantity Case Price View Cart
ET138-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 1-3/8" 500 $ Add To Cart
ET158-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 1-5/8" 500 $ Add To Cart
ET2-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 2" 500 $ Add To Cart
ET212-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 2-1/2" 500 $ Add To Cart
ET3-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 3" 500 $ Add To Cart
ET4-912 1.2 oz Galv. (9ga) 4" 500 $ Add To Cart
Easy Twist Tool
Easy Twist Tool
Easy Twist Tool
Code Description Price Each View Cart
This tool is easy to use and is much quicker than hand tying 9 gauge steel ties. Most contractors report a three to one installation advantage over hand tying. One tail will get cut-off by the tool; the other end can be bent-off if desired. The broken tail will fly through the side hole of the chuck. Recommended Drill Requirements: Industrial Drill Variable Speed 0-600 RPM.
CKETT9 Easy Twist Tool for all 9ga Ties $ Add To Cart

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